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Have a nice stay at Behringers City Hotel Nuremberg, former Hotel Drei Linden

There is hardly any other German city which combines medieval charm and the liveliness of a big city like Nuremberg. We have succeeded to integrate traditional and modern standards in our hotel to adapt to the vibrant life and regional character of the city of Nuremberg. Behringers City Hotel is located only 10 minutes away from the old town of Nuremberg and offers you modern furnished rooms with comfortable beds and functional bathrooms.

Environmental protection: As the first and only hotel in the city we have invested in a combined heat and power unit. That means on the one hand we contribute to a resource convserving energy use by providing electricity and heat by ourselves and on the other hand we guarentee protection from bacteria as for example legionella due to technologically modern integrated water treatment.

Outer View Hotel Drei Linden

The sandstone building was built in 1715 in the eastern part of Nuremberg and was originally used as a toll station. From 1877 until today it has been used as a Hotel and Restaurant. Our  Hotel has been completely refurnished and extended in the years 2003 and 2006. Today it is a non-smoker hotel for business travellers, weekend vacationers and city trippers. 2016 the Hotel Drei Linden became Behringers City Hotel Nuremberg. The Behringer-family and their team will be glad to welcoming you to their hotel.

Reception Desk Hotel Drei LindenDouble BedroomLoungeRestaurant Drei Linden

Enjoy your stay in Nuremberg in our convenient and modernly furnished hotel rooms!