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Nuremberg offers a lot of opportunities for interesting trips and experiences. Below you find some information and suggestions, that we have put togehter in order to make your journey in Nuremberg more exciting, varied and eventful.

Our hotel is located at the edge of the historic section of Nuremberg, so you can reach the city center within a few minutes by walk or by taking the tramway. In the city of the historic old town you may visit the landmark of Nuremberg: The historic Kaiserburg with its amazing view over the whole city.

If you want to have a rest in the green landscape and would like to relax during your stay at Behringers City Hotel Nürnberg, you will find the "Wöhrder Wiese" at the Wöhrder Sea area or the city park of Nuremberg near Maxfeld as a popular environment. If you are interessted in the history of Nuremberg, the Dokumentary Centre (Doku-Zentrum), the "Reichsparteitagsgelände" or the dungeons will be interesting destinations for you.

Nuremberg offers a lot of sights and activities, that leave no room for boredom. You may discover the Albrecht Dürer-Haus, listen to live music at the "Bardentreffen" or visit the State Theatre. You will find more tourist destinations, events and famous sights in our hints below!

Behringers City Hotel Hints:

Events & Popular destinations in Nuremberg

Nuremberg Christmas Market

The famous Christmas Market in Nuremberg counts about 2 million visitors each year and is therefore one of the largest Christmas markets in Germany and one of the most known all over the world. Every year before Christmas, it takes place in the beautiful historic center of the town and is reaching across the streets of the wonderful decorated city. Thousands of visitors come to listen to the prologue at the main market for the grand opening ceremony. The “Nürnberger Christkind” with its golden wings and hair is reciting it in person!

There are about 180 different stalls at the market, where you can discover local and national specialties. Taste delicious food and sweet treats, find handmade toys and decoration and drink the characteristic mulled wine. All of them can be found at the lovely decorated wooden stalls all over the “Christkindlesmarkt”. If you want to experience Nuremberg at its best, try the famous Nuremberg gingerbread or the classic grilled sausages as “Drei im Weckla”.

The diversity of the Nuremberg Christmas Market is also reflected in the “Markt der Parterstädte” (Market of the partner cities) that brings an international flair and presents its visitors gift ideas from all over the world. For the little ones, the “Kinderweihnacht” (Children’s Christmas Market) offers exciting activities for the whole family to participate in and explore!

If you are searching for a hotel near the Christmas Market Nuremberg, the Hotel Drei Linden is the best choice due to its convenient location. From our hotel, you can reach the Christmas Market easily by walking or using the public transport.

Documentation Center Nuremberg

The Documentation Center Nuremberg (Doku-Zentrum Reichsparteitagsgelände) is a popular destination for those who are interested in history and for all the visitors who want to know more about the history of Nuremberg.

The permanent exhibition illustrates the context and the consequences of the National Socialist regime of terror by using modern media as computer animation but also photographs and documents. Audioguides with different language settings guide the visitors through the museum by providing texts and commentaries about the history and background of the party rallies in Nuremberg.

Next to the exhibition center, you can find an educational programme and special exhibitions that offer numerous ways for different age groups to obtain information about the featured topics. All over the 4km² wide “Reichsparteitagsgelände” (former party rally grounds), there are information panels in German and English that tell you more about the history of the site.

Nuremberg Messe

All over the year, many interesting exhibitions and fairs take place at the exhibition center in Nuremberg district Langwasser. Including many specialized trade fairs but also fairs for general public that are of interest to a wide audience, such as the “Consumenta” that is considered as the largest consumer fair in Bavaria.

Nuremberg Messe has up to 1.4 million visitors per year, including a large percentage of international visitors. One of the best-known and most popular fairs in Nuremberg is the International Toy Fair, the largest toy fair of the world that welcomes international visitors from the toy industry.

Due to our convenient location at the edge of the city center, the Hotel Drei Linden is a perfect accommodation for fair visitors and business travellers. From our hotel you can reach the exhibition center by car in less than 11 minutes while the subway takes you to the metro station “Messe” in about 19 minutes.